Why commercial cleaning you ask?
Below are 10 good answers!

1. Start with under $500! You can get all your supplies and advertising done for under $500. Plus you get personal help from people who are in the business.
2. Guaranteed work! No matter what the economy is like you will still have your work. The risk of being fired or laid off is gone. You have a high chance of success if you follow our plan.
3. Easy work! Commercial cleaning is easy when you have the proper training. Anyone from their teens to their 80's can do it. Plus it's a great workout and you get paid!

4. Flexible! You normally have from 6pm to 6am to complete your work. If you have things that come up (family functions etc.) you can do both.
5. Adaptable! It is a business that you can add other services as you are ready (carpet, windows, power washing, etc.)
6. Unlimited growth potential! Build your company as big as you can handle it! Make your goal to work part time or have 5 crews working for you. It's all up to you!
7. No boss! Never again have a boss looking over your shoulder , telling you that you cannot have the day off, or that you can't get the raise you know you deserve. You will work for YOU now. The freedom of this is fantastic.
8. Family friendly! It is a great business to do with your spouse, siblings and children. Spend time together while you make money.
9. Residual income! You only have to close on a contract once and as long as you service it correctly, you will have that check coming in every month.

10. Prestige! You will be a business owner. No longer are you an employee. Never again will you look through those dreaded help wanted ads, be laid off or fired. Never again sit through those awful job interviews only to hear you are not good enough for that company. Owning your own business brings instant pride and satisfaction. It's not all about the money. You will have a completely new self image and that is priceless.


These days, we still own and operate Monarch Cleaning Systems, our thriving commercial cleaning business company based in Florida.
Our "cleaning business in a box" will teach you every detail you need to start your company right away to fit your lifestyle and schedule. With this business, YOU DO NOT NEED TO QUIT YOUR CURRENT JOB.
Best of all, when you order we are here to personally help you succeed with answering all the questions you may have about your new business.

Seven years ago, my business partner and friend, Nick Bobich, and I, Mike Johnson, (that's me on the right) started our own venture in the commercial cleaning business. I will be completely honest, WE LOVED IT! The work was easy, the hours were good, there was no boss over our shoulder and best of all... THE MONEY WAS GREAT! We quickly found out this was a business that you could leverage your time and almost anyone at any age can do. You can make a full time business out of it like we did or just make an extra $300 or $400 a week working two to three days a week. During our seven years, we have helped others start their own cleaning business and love to see them enjoy all the benefits of this business as we have. We knew right away how
valuable our seven years of experience was when we saw what it was doing for the people we taught so we decided to develop a package to help people just like you. People who are looking for a way out of their dead end job and into a better way of life.

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